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Raising Awareness & Empowering Others

Before finding a solution, we must first understand the challenge.
Then together, we can combine our expertise and become agents of change.
Our Purpose

Green Framework is an entrepreneurial organization offering creative solutions to address organizational sustainability. We work with companies to develop the underlying framework for their sustainability initiatives. We also advise on policies, strategies and best practices to ensure the project’s viability.

Our Mission

Our goal is to raise social awareness of the consequences of climate change, population growth and our depleting natural resources in order to develop new avenues to enable and empower organizations and individuals to partake in making a difference by being responsible citizens of our planet.

“Becoming sustainable should be attainable for every organization and every person”.



Got the sustainability bug? Whether you were born with it or recently got it, Green Framework can help you with your  business’ footprint. We provide a wide array of services from simple footprinting to strategic planning and implementation. So whether you own a coffee shop and are simply looking for marketing tools to communicate to your clients your sustainability efforts or you’re leading a corporation’s new sustainability initiative, Green Framework can help you. Just drop us a line.

Green Framework specializes in the following services:

  • Data Collection
  • Developing Metrics & Setting Targets
  • Sustainability Education: Presentations & Workshops
  • Strategic Sustainability Planning
  • Surveys
  • Reporting
  • Sustainability Management Consultation
  • Government & Municipalities Green Policies
  • Data analysis
  • Infographics
  • Sustainability Best-Practices
  • Facilitating Partnerships and Affiliations with NGO, Non-Profit Organizations and other green companies


Process & Insight

This is what we love to do. We dig deep into the data collected and business analytics to provide insights and recommendations for our clients. Green Framework works closely with clients to plan, develop and implement their sustainability strategies all amidst keeping a close eye on set metrics.

Green Framework specializes on the following INSIGHT services:



Green Framework customizes data collection surveys specific to clients and their industry. We guide our clients through this initial process to ensure that the data is as accurate and precise as it can be. Performance metrics shouldn’t be daunting and any initiative can be scalable.

Analytics &


This is when we start crunching numbers. Green Framework gets down to the nitty-gritty of your business’ performance. KPIs are developed, tracked, measured and benchmarked. We then compiles all the information in a colourful, comprehensive report for our clients.

Strategy &


Green Framework offers consultation services and strategic planning for clients who want help developing their sustainability initiatives and goals. We also provide marketing tools to promote our clients’ sustainability efforts both internally and externally.

Partnerships &


  Green Framework offers its clients on-going services through partnerships. We also facilitate affiliations with NGOs, Non-Profits and other green organizations. Our goal is to assist clients from meeting basic compliance to becoming leaders in their industry.


If you are going to do the right thing, then why not let everyone know?

Green Framework helps you communicate to stakeholders your organization’s sustainability efforts by providing you will full digital reports, summaries and infographics.

So whether it’s for a new section in your corporate report or a poster for your customers to peruse while buying a cup of coffee, we can help.

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